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APEX Legends [Android] Free Download

APEX Legends

A Battle- Royale game, it was developed by Respawn and launched by EA, Apex Legend since the very first day of its launch has gained to be the hottest and trending online shooting game. This news was supplemented by the survey that clearly indicated more than 50 million players across the world within a single month of launch. The key element that makes it different from other Battle- Royale games is that there is no Solo mode available, and players can enjoy it only in teams.

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APEX Legends

Not just that, the game also offers 8 distinctly unique characters with special abilities of their own making it a tough choice for you to pick a team. Since Apex Legends Android is free to download and play the game, it has its own in-game currencies namely- Apex Coins, Legend Tokens, and Crafting Metals and users can use real money anytime to purchase more of these. Like other games of this genre, the game has to be mastered by playing it a number of times and learning each time. While its competitors Fornite and PUBG continue spreading like a virus over users phones, Apex Legends is trying their level best to beat them and be over each of the Android users phones.

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