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Black Ops 4 [Xbox One] Free Download

Black Ops 4

The very new version of the famous Call of Duty action game, Black Ops 4 Xbox One is a thrilling journey of rebel and war. This multiplayer game makes you enter a world where you find yourself fighting alongside your team to revolt against the people who have been manipulating, abusing and controlling you all this time.

Black Ops 4

Genre: Action, Shooter, Tactical, First-Person

Ratings: M [Due to the gory war and fight scenes]

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Reviews: 85% [Metacritic]

8.5/10 [IGN]

4.5/5 [Trusted Reviews]

Plot: You and your teammates who have come together to destroy the reigns they have been bound in for so long are now fighting against the systems which have been using them as pawns in their own game. You realise that individually you can only put up a fight, but when standing together, you can create a war. Zombies are also included in the two storylines, which are undoubtedly harder than the normal quests.

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There is even a Black Out mode which means instant game over the moment your character dies, taking this mode to another level of difficulty. This game also focuses on teamwork since it is a multiplayer game and can include up to 64 players. You not be disappointed with this version since it keeps up the name of Call of Duty.

Game Details
  Format: .zip
  Name: Black Ops 4
  Requirement: XBox one / Xbox 360
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