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BTD Battles Mod APK

BTD Battles

Are you looking for some fun, but you do not want to go out of your house at the moment? Will we have a fun game for you right here. And what’s more amazing about all of this is that you can play it even on your phone. We are talking about BTD battles Mod apk. If you have never heard about it before, well, let’s just say that you owe the Internet yet another favour. It is one of the most fun games that will not only appeal to the child in you, but also excited the adult menu to show off their skills and win the game at all costs! Yes, that is how exciting it is! Let’s check it out in a bit more detail.


The game consists of monkeys. Thus, one of the things that you can surely expect here would be quite a lot of jumping about. And do you know what you would be jumping about for? You would have to jump about to dodge the balloons that the open and monkey would be throwing at you. Yes, the “b” in BTD stands for balloons!
The game has two modes – the defensive mode, and the attacking mode. The game also consists of various monkey towers and a battle to win your honour. The game is based on the genre of free strategy and expects you to use similar methods to win and survive in the game.
The game is as fun as it sounds here. You could either go for a long shot or settle for a quick match. All of the game is about how you will save your monkey from the opponent and emerge victoriously.

Features of the game

When the plot line of the game is this exciting imagine how great it would be if it had similarly exciting features to accompany it. No need to imagine. Just check them out below.
1. Fun theme
When you are a grown-up, the fun aspects of life often get blurred. But not with this game. It appeals to the child in you and even though an adult would find no meaning in the storyline, he would still find it fun to play along.
2. Gaming modes
As already stated the game has two modes, namely, the attacking mode and the defensive mode. While in the attacking mode, you get to showcase a lot of cool attacks that you can launch upon the opponent, building up your scores would provide you with some great defensive moves as well.
3. Achievements
If you think the gameplay and the plot of the game are interesting and fun, wait till you hear about the achievements. Every time you win you get access to more monkey towers and level up your game as well as your moves.
4. Easy to play
Even though the game will maintain the highest levels of your adrenaline as you try to dodge balloon attacks and launch the same, at the same time, it is really simple to play. It has a very user-friendly interface so that everyone can get their chance at playing the game.

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The world of technology has some terms that many of us might not be used to hearing in daily life. They might thus sound intimidating at first. “Apk files” would be a rather suitable example at the moment.
However, an apk file is nothing but a combination of software that helps you to run an application smoothly on your phone or any other Android-based systems. All you have to do is to search for the apk file that you are looking for in a browser that you trust. Once you get the results, click on the 1st link and download the file.
You can also download and install the apk file of the game by visiting their website. You will see a download option and click on it.
That is about all the work that you would have to do.

BTD Battles Mod APK Version Info

Name: BTD Battles
Publisher: Ninja Kiwi
Version: 6.9.1
Category: Strategy
Size: 96 MB
Mod Features: Unlimited medaillions
Requirement: Android 4.1 and above
App Link: Google Play

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Bloons TD Battles
Price: Free+
BTD Battles Requirements for Android
  Format: .APK
  Name: BTD Battles
  Requirement: Android 4.1 and up
Download BTD Battles (Mod + Data) Apk for Android
(Direct Link)

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The app BTD Battles (Unlimited Money + Unlimited Resources + Free Shopping) is Fully Modded by our Developers. It have Unlimited Features as it is Unlocked with all Free In-App Purchases. So, Download it and Enjoy!