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Conan Unconquered [PS4] Free Download

Conan Unconquered

The period of this game is set during the barbaric times when the Conans lived. The players are expected to create your leadership, build a stronghold for yourself and assemble your army, all done to survive in the brutally unforgiving world of Conan. Your build-up army will essentially be fighting numerous waves of enemies. The level of difficulty will increase with each proceeding levels. The Conan Unconquered PS4 can be played on your own entirely, or the strong can be shared.

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Conan Unconquered

Attractive features

The gameplay is played live or in real time, but it could further be paused mid-way to issue the command. Not only war and battle the players have to ensure to subdue another possible catastrophe like raging fire and diseases. Conan will use the horse as his mobility and so will the others, these would not be ordinary horses, and rather they would be equipped with unique features to choose from.

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Environment exploration

Random generation of the map will lead to ensured re-playability. These maps help to explore beyond what your current stronghold is. These maps push you through difficult routes and terrains.

Conan Unconquered PS4 gives an earthy feeling by the feature of calling in the powers of the gods just the way they did back in the 3rd century.

Game Details
  Format: .zip
  Name: Conan Unconquered
  Requirement: PS3 / PS4
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