Exiled Kingdoms RPG

Exiled Kingdoms RPG Mod APK [Unlimited Money Points Gold]

An authentic experience by Exiled Kingdoms RPG with wonderful Diablo twist. There is a retro ambiance while the graphics are not so great. There is many game tasks and includes bounty task with a variety of random events.

The story of the game is in a vast map that is to be explored from ruins to mountains. There are sixty plus areas for the players to explore with degree of freedom being high and content being rich.

Setting of the game is harsh with your character is lucky. An inheritance letter has arrived making you rich on condition that if you bring it to a particular location. You set off with lot of surprises in store.

  • The map of an area in the game is different from the real one like North is “right “, “East” is down. You can save in dungeon through save and exit buttons. But if you save this way and die the save will be deleted.
  • Don’t hoard spells or potions. They are useful at low levels like summon wolf scroll which is summoned at level 5 to fight for you is better to fight goblins then dragons.
  • When facing swarm of enemy, lure them one at a time by waiting nearby. Enemies wander randomly and then spot you, not all at once making the fight easy.

Download Exiled Kingdoms RPG Mod + APK + Data

The app Exiled Kingdoms RPG is Fully Modded by our Developers. It have Unlimited Features as it is Unlocked with all Free In-App Purchases. So, Enjoy!

How to Download ?

  1. Click on "Download" button above.
  2. Now Click on "Continue to Download" again.
  3. The Exiled Kingdoms RPG Mod apk will Start Downloading.
  4. Now Save the APK file and Install it. (You may need to Allow App Permissions)
  5. Finally, Enjoy Unlimited Features of the App.

If you get any sort of Error while Installing the APK, You can Contact us as we can solve everything as soon as possible. 🙂

Exiled Kingdoms RPG Mod APK [Unlimited Money Points Gold]

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