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FIFA 18 [PS4] Full Version Download


It’s been 23 years into the journey of the footballing universe of FIFA and the latest FIFA 2018 for PS4 by the developers Electronic Arts is according to some the pinnacle yet reached by the franchise. For those fans who were disappointed by the 16’ and 17’ versions of the game, FIFA 18 comes with much-needed tweaks and subtle changes to optimize the gaming experience and re-affirm their status as the best football simulation out there.

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The game, however, has yet not achieved the proverbially unattainable ‘perfection’ and still has its shortcomings.

Changes for the better –

  • Your players will seem more like “your players” as this version of the game comes with better passing in the attack.
  • Imagine you’re losing a game and want your worst player substituted but the substitution process steals a few minutes from your game. In one of the much-needed tweaks, FIFA 18 comes with faster player substitution.
  • This latest version also comes with better graphics.
  • One of the most wanted tweaks in FIFA 18 has been the frequency with which the goals are scored, and boring scoreless draws are not as regular as they used to be in previous versions.
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Despite the short-comings yet to be fulfilled, FIFA 18 for PS 4 has reaffirmed FIFA as the ultimate footballing simulation a football fan can ask for.

Game Details
  Format: .zip
  Name: FIFA 18
  Requirement: PS3 / PS4
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