FZ9 Timeshift – Legacy of The Cold War

FZ9 TimeShift Mod APK [Unlimited Money Gold]

Careful observation, precise aiming and sure shot bang for the terrorism is the new FPS game experiencing the only FZ9 Timeshift – Legacy of The Cold War. A lost soldier, who was injected an experimental serum- FZ9, during Cold War. He was trapped in frozen state and fell to a long sleep until revived to fight in modern combat.

FZ9 Timeshift – Legacy of The Cold War

Key features:

  • Destroy enemies in bullet time- You need not hurry as the surrounding are slowed while you select your execution tactics. Observe carefully, take aim to kill the terrorists.
  • Delve into deep storyline branching over thirty missions- The Cold War soldier, Accompany Mak is a tactical soldier on a mission to kill AS, the most dangerous and wanted terrorist organisation. They struggle glories, pains along the way. Be ready for a heart wrenching war story to unfold.
  • Stunning graphics featuring breathtaking environment visual.
  • Shooting with wide variety of weapons FPS fans know and love
  • Exploring in-depth upgrade system with RPG element.
  • Challenging yourself to experience mind blowing gunfighters in slow motion.
  • Multiple players PvP mode brings in competitiveness to the mobile FPS.
  • The winner or the hero is the one controlling time will rule the fate of world.

Download FZ9 Timeshift – Legacy of The Cold War Mod + APK + Data

The app FZ9 Timeshift – Legacy of The Cold War is Fully Modded by our Developers. It have Unlimited Features as it is Unlocked with all Free In-App Purchases. So, Enjoy!

How to Download ?

  1. Click on "Download" button above.
  2. Now Click on "Continue to Download" again.
  3. The FZ9 Timeshift – Legacy of The Cold War Mod apk will Start Downloading.
  4. Now Save the APK file and Install it. (You may need to Allow App Permissions)
  5. Finally, Enjoy Unlimited Features of the App.

If you get any sort of Error while Installing the APK, You can Contact us as we can solve everything as soon as possible. 🙂

FZ9 TimeShift Mod APK [Unlimited Money Gold]

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