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India Reaches Best FIFA Ranking In 23 Years

FIFA Ranking

Currently, the Indian National Football team achieved its dream position in the FIFA ranking, India achieved the best ever FIFA Ranking due to its ability. According to the February 1996 result, India was ranked 96 but in May 2019 FIFA Rankings released earlier, in that table India got the 12th position. But India’s best-ever FIFA Ranking till date only stays 94, and it was also attained 99 during February 1996.

Typically, Indian Football team put hard work to ensure their appearance and rankings on the table. Due to the success, India also reached 77 places in FIFA Rankings over the last four years, but the team now won 13 of their last 15 matches so got highest positions in the table. Of course, the team also unbeaten in the last eight matches this also includes an unofficial match against Bhutan).

Also Indian was ranked 171 when Constantine in the year of 2015 and the position also slipped further to 173 during the year of 2015 in the FIFA. But India won 2-0 on aggregate during the match against Nepal.

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The AIFF President congratulates the team and said that it’s a giant leap of faith for Indian Football.  Past two years India placed in 173 position but not India reached the topmost position due to its hard work and sincerity. In general, this also signifies the potential of Indian Football. All the staff of AIFF congratulates National Team boys.

The General Secretary of and he stated that now the dream comes true after a huge boost. Also, India already played in AFC Asian Cup qualifying match which is against Macau on 5th September 2017. Everyone congratulates India for giving it their all in achieving this milestone.  Sure it will be very much effective and the team can face huge advantages

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The main aim of the Indian team is to qualify next AFC Asian Cup after 2019. The National Coach Stephen Constantine also appreciated the team, and he stated he felt happy to have played a small part in this process, also giving thanks, notes to Mr. Patel and Mr. Das for their trust in allowing doing things in the game.

But the present FIFA spot doesn’t mean that the team has achieved much. The team also suggested staying focused on the upcoming challenges to hold the topmost positions. In general, the qualification spot in the future AFC Asian Cup UAE is exactly about what the AIFF aims at this moment. And it would be India’s second AFC Asian Cup stint in eight years. In general, the Indian team had also scored two away wins against two teams including Cambodia, Myanmar earlier in March.

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After the victory, India Football Federation president stated about the power of the team, and he said the giant team leaps of faith for Indian football. The FIFA football rankings released on May, in that table India placed to 101th position and the main aim of India is to qualifying for upcoming Asian Cup.