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The last time we calculated the integral of a function was back in twelfth standard when the Board Examinations were upon us. Yet, we require integrals calculus in our daily lives if you are a student, researcher or working in a scientific domain. However, calculating the antiderivative of a function is monotonous work and hence, there are Integral Calculators available online.

Integral Calculators

  • These calculators have built-in functionalities to accurately calculate the antiderivative of a function and use integral properties to generate the result. It typically calculates indefinite integrals when there are no range restrictions on the function.
  • Various applications of the same can be found online and can be easily installed on any device. The interface is designed to be very user-friendly and if you do not wish to download it, many calculators are available online too.
  • Some calculators can also compute double and triple integrals. While some also plot the graph of the derived function. It uses powerful algorithms to perform the calculations unlike the human approach of applying formulas and properties like substitution, integration by parts, alpha, beta and gamma functions, etc.

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Integral Calculator APK + DATA {Latest} Download

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