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NOVA Legacy [Android] Full Version Download

NOVA Legacy

In the world of shooting games, there is another game called NOVA legacy Android. This game is available on Android and has many attractive features to attract a large audience. The game consists of animated yet very interesting characters. The story of the game generally revolves around the hero named Kal Wardin who fights against the invasion of aliens on the earth with the objective of saving mankind.

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NOVA Legacy

There are various gameplay modes of the game namely:

  • The Story Mode: In the story mode of the game the hero along with others tries to find out the reason and the story behind these alien invasions on mankind.
  • Multiplayer Mode: The multiplayer mode of the game includes a number of players who fight for their survival, the one who is the last one surviving wins the game. It is like an intense fighting session.
  • Shadow Mode: In the shadow mode there is a task to defeat the alien invasions in the limited time frame. Such mode is also for people who like intense action.
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The game’s interesting gameplay, easy control and various modes make the game one of the most fun and exciting game on android.

[android]NOVA Legacy[/android]