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Pathologic [PS4] Full Version Download


Pathologic is a psychological horror, adventure and survival, role-playing video game that can be played on Play Station 4. This game is about a disease, it begins with three healers that arrive in a town. These three healers don’t know about each other and are in that town for different reasons. One of the healers is a doctor from a city; another is a muscle-bound shamanistic figure. The third one is a tiny girl with fearsome powers. They are the Bachelor, the Haruspicus and the Devotress. They are also your playable characters.

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But, the things somehow go wrong, and a merciless infection breaks out known as “sand plague”. Each of the healers tries to find out the source of this strange sickness. Each of the characters has their distinct narrative, but there is only one storyline. The game takes place in an ageless world with the time frame of 12 game days.

The players receive quests from non-player characters but can be continued whether they are completed or not, quests are divided into main missions and that decides if the main character dies or not. The main quests are needed to be completed to discover the secrets of the town. The other goal of the player is to survive till the end of 12 days.

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This is an interesting game, and the player can enjoy its creative storyline that keeps them invested in the game.

Game Details
  Format: .zip
  Name: Pathologic
  Requirement: PS3 / PS4
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Alice Rodriguez