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PUBG Game Overview and Features

There are a lot of games available in the play store, but here we are talking about fantastic games. Pubg is one of the most popular games with a lot of innovative features. It is known as Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds launched a mobile version as well. Such a game is compatible with both IOS and Android users, requires no special invitation codes at the launch. PUBG is one of the most popular battle royal games on the market and for a good reason. It sold millions before it even left on the market and kicked off the battle royal gaming.

In PUBG you have to play as a mercenary who parachute with more than 99 other players on to the island. Once they land on the island, players have to figure out weapons, ammo, armor and other supplies as well. The game map starts as a large circle, but it will shrink as the electrical storm around the world collapse into the smaller circles. The game comes with the simple concept with tons of rooms in the complexity.

Grab a gun and stay in your circle, last standing player wins. Is it worth playing? You should read the entire article and grab the overview of the game and interesting features as well.

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What about Features?

The mobile version of PUBG offers all the interesting features of its PC counterpart, with few complications. Such game only offers an original map, Rangle and you can grab the Eastern European 8km x 8km Island. PC version of the game is completely based on the abandoned of the military to the nuclear power plant.

Feature pretty much similar to its PC counterpart

There are a lot of weapons, gear, and vehicles available in the game. PUBG is completely free, and you can log in wither a guest or with social networking sites to play. However, you will able to access the daily login rewards and battle points that can be spent on the crates that contain clothing. Unlike in the PC version, you wouldn’t start with any clothing.

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All things are well and good in the game if PUBG mobile faithfully represents the island and let’s use all the weapons. If all controls aren’t up to work then it would be quite difficult to win the game. To clarify, as compared to the PC version control aren’t good in the Mobile version. You can use the virtual joystick for the movement of the player and camera control as well. With the help of right bullet button, you can shoot your gun.

It’s little clumsy at the First

The best thing about such game they offer different kind of control options to make everything feel a bit better. Keep using the floating shoot button that will move to wherever you thumb last touched. And instead of using reorient you should fire with the gun. After that, you can pick the guns and items automatically. It’s quite a different kind of shooting game, but a lot of things is missing in PUBG mobile.