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RULES OF SURVIVAL [Android] Full Version Download


Another online battle royal game for mobile is RULES OF SURVIVAL Android. The game can have more than 100 players in the battle royale island who survive to win. The game has decent graphics, the game gives an option to play individual, in pair and in teams. Easy and simple to learn controls are an advantage that people get in the android version of the games. The left side is mainly for controlling movement while the right side is for shooting or attacking.

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This game is quite similar to PUBG mobile. The gameplay of the game involves 120 players jumping off to an island through parachutes followed by their search for various survival items like assault rifles, snipers, scope, armour etc. The island is also full of vehicles of different type which save you from getting killed by the shrinking force field which surrounds the island with time. The players engage in gunfights and battle each other out of the game with the last one standing emerging as the winner.

This game is another big contributor to the success of mobile battle royale games in past few years. The graphics and a few realistic elements in the game make them a fun playing loved game.

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[android]RULES OF SURVIVAL[/android]