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Season 9 of Fortnite is full of Rewards Never Seen before!

It is the week of games that is full of surprises. A lot of recent announcements has made and when it comes to surprises, Fortnite never disappoints the gamers.

One of the famous battle royale game around the world has come up with week 5 of season 9. It has some new challenges which will be exciting to complete.

After finishing each task, you will be rewarded with Battle Stars which will help you to level up your Battle Pass and to unlock new cosmetics of the season. Extra bonus will be given if all of the tasks and challenges are completed within the week.

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If you complete the Utopia challenge of season 9 then you will unlock and get a special loading screen for all your troubles and obstacles. You can overcome them with the help of the screen. This loading screen is the main highlighted part of the new season.

It will give you a hint of every new map and locations. If you will be able to complete even number of Utopia challenges then you will get a Fortbyte, a new collectible introduced in season 9. So season 9 is going to be more interesting and exciting.