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Splitgate [Xbox One] Full Version Download


Splitgate Xbox One is another free to play arena shooter game which is available for stream and it considered to be the best Portal meets Halo. The PC version of the game is out for and all PC gamers can enjoy playing the game. The game is already gaining popularity after its arrival and it is being praised by all PC gamers too. At this moment, the game is only available as Stream version, but the console owners can expect to get the port for this Halo/Portal arena shooter game. Xbox owners are too wondering if they can load the game on their respective console and enjoy playing it. Splitgate Xbox One version is not yet out and even PS4 owners would not find the version for their console. It is only available exclusively for the PC gamers.

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Splitgate Xbox One is the fast paced online arena shooter game which focuses on evokes the memories of classic multiplayer arena style shooter like the Unreal Tournament. The twists are the inclusion of the portals which actually works as the Valve classic portal game and gamers can easily setup it through one and out the other. It is truly amazing mix portal to enjoy.

Game Details
  Format: .zip
  Name: Splitgate
  Requirement: XBox one / Xbox 360
Download Splitgate for XBox One
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