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Australian Cricketers Searching For Indian Investors

Australian Cricketers Searching For Indian Investors

Currently, the unemployment is hurting the top Australian cricketers; it can be occurred due to their revenue sharing dispute with Cricket Australia, as well as it prompts them to look for endorsement deals across the lucrative Indian market.

The ACA (Australian Cricketers’ Association), has all the top cricketers under its wing, as well as has sent its General Manager Tim Cruickshank to speak to potential Indian investors, it understand would want to rope in Australian players for endorsement deals.

However, Australian players love coming to India and they love to play in India. Most importantly, Australian cricketers have a huge fan base in India. Of course, the players are sought after in IPL come to India as well as speak to potential partners in the Indian market.

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Overall, Indian investors are also great in meetings. In general, the Players’ Association in Australia also entrusted with the duty and they are also managing the IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) of the top players.

All the top Australian cricketers are unemployed as well as they have not yet agreed to the terms as well as conditions set by CA in the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding). Even this factor is already led to Australia A team pulling out of tri-nation ‘A’ series the series also involved with South Africa and India. When they asked to the senior team’s tour to India would be jeopardized.

At the same time, Cruickshank is also hoped that both parties CA, as well as ACA, could reach common ground by then. In general, the players also keen to tour both Bangladesh and India.

As well as MoU is not signed on fair terms because won’t be able to tour. The team also believes that the common ground of solution will be reached. Normally, current Australian players are also available for brand endorsement as well as they could be a win-win situation for the Indian corporates as a Steve Smith or David Warner due to the fan following. Even these can be roped in at a lower cost than Mahendra Singh Dhoni or Virat Kohli.

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Also, Cruickshank agreed it’s not an ideal solution but the player needs to prove themselves as well as level-playing ground where Cricket Australia treats them as partners. Based on some strange tactics from Cricket Australia, the players are also forced into unemployment.

As well a1s it is the fair deal and the top cricketers could have agreed to the lucrative deals that CA offered even they are all together in it.  In addition to this, they also share for the women cricketers as well as the first-class cricketers, these factors also said by Cruickshank.

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In general, Australian cricketer’s body sends GM to India to find the investors for the unemployed players. Because the top players in Australia have not yet comfortable with the terms and condition set by the authorities. So they also decided to do this, and the team also believes it. The top players decided to search Indian investors to overcome unemployment.