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Rinku Singh Was Suspended By BCCI Instead Of Leaving With Warnings

Rinku Singh

In Abu Dhabi, an unsanctioned T20 league has been played by Rinku Singh. He is from Uttar Pradesh. After playing the match, he was suspended from the Indian A team, dissimilar earlier offenders like Anuj Rawat and Irfan Pathan. It was really shocking for him to digest this order. Due to this suspension, this has caused him to get relieved from the A team of India.

At the time of suspension of Rinku Singh from June 1 onwards, the representatives of BCCI has given a warning to all rounder of team India’s Irfan Pathan. This is mainly for considering his name in the draft of Caribbean Premier League (CPL) with no prior permission of the parent bodies before removal from the team.

It is also to be noted that, like Irfan Pathan, there has been no warning was took against Anuj Rawat. He is an India U-19 captain for playing in Mauritius for the unsanctioned T20 league of unsure credibility with the players of Pakistan in an effective manner. Rinku is not an upcoming player. He proved his talent by playing in the KKR – Kolkata Knight Rider’s team for the previous seasons. He is almost played for two seasons in an extraordinary manner. After the Indian Premier League gets completed he is also one among the players in the unsanctioned league.

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By considering all this process BCCI has announced that – Rinku Singh, a player from Uttar Pradesh has been participated in the unauthorized T20 league and also played the match without asking permission to the board members. As per the rules of BCCI, players who are participating in the unsanctioned games without asking any permission are equal to directly violating the rules. By considering this in mind, the BCCI has suspended him for a period of around 3 months. The suspension will starts from June 1, 2019.

Now the problem has been aroused from the side of Rinku is that. He is a young player, why he was not given a warning like other players. Instead, he was directly put under suspension. This will ruin his cricket career for sure.

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A senior official from BCCI has questioned why the board did not suspend Irfan Pathan. Also, he added that he is a senior player and knows all the rules and regulations. But he violated the rules of the board. So he must be punished severely. But why a youngster with less knowledge about the rules was suspended directly, he questioned.

To answer his reasonable question, Saba Karim, the BCCI’s GM Cricket Operations came forward and tell him the reason about why he was suspended directly. He stated that he wants to tell a strong message to upcoming youngsters. By seeing this punishment the future youngsters should not commit any mistake. He also said that through this punishment, other players will get more responsibility and start to concentrate on following the rules perfectly.

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But the senior official from BCCI has not fully convinced from this movement.