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Robert Pattinson could be the next Batman

Robert Pattinson

Everybody likes to watch the Detective Comics movies especially Bat Man. Most of the people are crazy about that film and it will surely attract all age people. No one can hate Batman style and look because he is the most wanted person in Detective Comics.There are nine peoples who were acted in Bat Man series. They are all giving their best in this film and attract everyone.

Now the tenth person who is going to acted is Robert Pattinson. He proves that he is a wonderful artist in the film of Twilight and Harry Porter. Now he is going to be acted as a batman everybody like to see them it is suitable to them or not and the movie was directed by Matt Reeves who directs the last part of the movie Planet of the Apes. The Bat Man will release in 2021. So that everybody eagerly waiting for that movie. It will be a great milestone in detective Comics movies.

X-Men actor Nicholas Hoult is also reportedly a top choice to play as Batman. Warner Brother like both actors but Pattinson is the best choice forever. The Hollywood reporters also said that Armie Hammer and Aaron Taylor-Johnson also have the chance to act as a Batman. Ben Affleck who played as a batman in Batman VS Superman and justice league at the age of 29. All the actors who played in the Batman roll give their best but still, no one has any idea about the upcoming Batman movies. But definitely, it will be the threat to the DC fans and all age peoples.

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Warner Bros giving a penalty of time for Reeves because of the disappointment of Batman VS Superman and Justice League. So definitely it will be in the race of Marvel studio. These are all the exact news have gained from the Hollywood industries. So it will be better to wait for a Batman film with more expectations. Worldwide there are so many fans are waiting for this film and it will surely fulfill their needs. After the fall of Superman VS Batman and justice league, it will be the most wanted one for kids and all age people.

So this film assured that it will never make any disappointment anyone because everybody like the planet of the apes last part and surely Batman will be milestone off in DC. Worldwide Batman Movie has a huge fan base and this news will be more surprising to them. Surely this film is released in salty language. The justice league is not fulfilling the expectation of the Batman fan base because that movie was fully focused on Superman. After the victory of Aqua man, it will be the most wanted film in DC. Day by day it increases the craze of the Batman film everybody hope that it will never disappoint anyone.