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Survivor Royale [Android] Full Version Free Download

Survivor Royale

If you are a fan of survival games, then Survivor Royale Android is certainly for you. Survival games are certainly one of a kind as these are the ones in which the major rule of the game is that it has no rules. You are free to do whatever you want as long as you survive in the game. The greatest attraction of the game is the fact that it accommodates for around 100 people which means that the amount of thrill and fun shall be doubled.

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Survivor Royale

The players are left in an unknown territory infested with deadly creatures which pose a fatal risk on their lives. You must make your way through the map and emerge victorious and alive. The weapons made for survival are such that they are not available for the player directly. These weapons are scattered all across the place and within a time of 20 minutes, you must find those weapons and fight for your survival. The last man to stay in the game is the one who is announced as the winner. The game contains several modes and the presence of extra-large maps and detailed geography and topography makes the entire experience quite real and lifelike.

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