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How to mod APKs and Create your own Modded APK

Moded android

This post will provides Mod APK Hacks for Games and other Apps.
As there is an increasing demand for tutorials on developing Modded APKs, game mods, and game hacks through APK, so I am providing you with an insight into these hacks. You may get it through APK decompiling, editing and recompilation. You should be aware that if you want to dig deep into mods, you should have an expert level skills about JAVA and programming systems.

What do you need?

  • Decompiling or compiling tool for APK
  • Mac or Windows operating system
  • You need to have an engineer level knowledge of java.

You need to access the APK of the game that you are modding or decompiling. For this purpose, it should b unpacked into resources and scripts.
After the modification process, you need to recompile the app. Now you may test and use the hacked app.

1- APK access

You may get the APK in several ways. First, you may download it from the internet or use the copy of from your android device. You may extract it on SD card. During this process, there should be no complication as it is simple and easy.

2- Decompiling process

You may choose a tool for extraction of java-based scripts. Different ways change frequently. You may do through StackOverflow, and it is an excellent tool for this purpose.
Here are some steps you need to follow:

First step

  • You may create a new file folder and copy it over your APK file you want to decompile.
  • After it, you should rename the file extension ad .zip
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Second step

  • Start the extraction of this zip file in the same folder or another one.
  • Install dex2jar and upload it in the folder as mentioned above.
  • Now you may relocate classes—dex files into newly created dex2jar format.
  • Now follow the prompt and change the directory.
  • Finally, you need to download java decompile. For this purpose, you need to open classes.dex and then click on enter.
  • Now save the files. For this purpose, you need to click on files you may get access to JavaScript, but .xml files are not accessible.

Third step

You need to open a new folder now.

  • Put the file in the folder that you are decoding.
  • Now install the APK tool and APK tool install window. Both the apps have the same link and place them in a folder.
  • Now click on the command window.
  • Now you may run the command.
  • Apktool d yourapp.apk. Here yourapp is the name of the decoding file.

Now you can get a new file folder, and you may read it APK, s XML files

Fourth step

In this step, you need to copy the content of two folders and compile them in one. If you want a modification in essential resources, templates and so on, you need to decompile APK file through a decompile or .zip. You may get access to unpacking tool online.

3-Modification of resources

When you reach this step, you may be able to modify resources and hack the games etc. you may navigate to decomposed APK folder, and you can edit simple images and XML files.
If you open root folder in your decompiled app, there may be a manifest file where you may get information about app name, permissions and other terms.

Res folder

In res or resources folder there are basic visual building blocks of the game. In the minimap folder, you may modify start icons.
With the drawable folder, you may find backgrounds. If your app is a game, there may be images, sprites, loading screen and game characters.
You can change the images if you open them in an image editor or Photoshop. The XML files compose the screens, menus and all the formatting. You can sometimes modify text too.

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Java code change

According to my information, you cannot find the right source code of any app since 2018. Any attempt may direct you to an inclined, complied version that does not manifest the source code. It does not matter what tool you are using for this purpose.

You should have the skill to change the scripts if you are looking for game hacks or game modes that actually can perform.
For this purpose, you should be able to implement cheats and hacks in an android game APK.

Some of us, who are not experts, may end their quest at this stage.
It is a fact that the java system is extensively complicated, and you need to go through the reverse engineering process.
Most of cannot reassemble java code from a decompiled APK file. So they may not progress further. So they should not waste their time and energy in a thing that is beyond their expertise.

If you can modify java code, it will open new possibilities for you. You may get access to god mods, unlimited gems and so earn a hefty amount of bucks.
If the game or app you are modifying is only you may not get enough power to hack the game. There are now emerging possibilities in the form of Aimbots and Wallhacks in android system.

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1-Rrecompile, evaluate and carry on

If you can modify the APK, you may use the best APK decompile tool to adjust the APK. You may use any emulator and assess if the modifications you made are beneficial. In the case of complexity, you may retake a start.

2- Some advice for newbies

It is difficult to change the essential functions of the app that are developed by someone else. If you are excited about learning modding process, you need to find an answer. If you are eager to start modding in android games, you should develop android based apps first.

For modding, you should be trained in java and android games development.
It would be best if you learned about the android studio and other game resources. If you are not able to develop games, you should not think about modding ad hacking.

It would help if you learned about reassembling the source codes from AP and best if you tried to reassemble your own created source codes.
You need to understand reverse engineering. In this way, you may be a successful game decompile and hacker.