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How to Speed Up Android without Rooting?

Undoubtedly we are living in the modern era where everyone has technological gadgets.  They are doing a lot of things with Android gadgets likes texts messages, social networking sites and other things as well. But it would be the worst experience if you are struggling with your Android. And if you are searching for the ways to remove the hang problems, then you have come to right place. It is possible to speed up your Android phone without Rooting. Go via the post and understand how to speed up the Android without installing the additional application in the Phone.

Today there are billions of the people are using Android. And most of the people have a concern about slowing their Android phone with the time. Thus, today we will solve the issues; there can be thousands of factors that can be responsible for the slowdown in your Android phone. It can be due to the low memory, RAM, and any other third party applications. After reading this article, you can comfortably speed up your Android device.

Manage your internal storage

The most important thing in the Android is the internal storage. It is one of the most important things and able to store the all essential applications. Thus, it’s always better to choose an Android phone that has great storage capacity, and you will have to manage your internal storage as well.

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Remove Bloatware

If you RAM have more than 2 GB, then you don’t have worry about applications or Bloatware. But if you are using an older version of Android and have less than 2 GB of RAM, then you will have to remove the Bloatware from your phone. It will grab a lot of benefits and positive effects on your phone. Thus, make sure that you will remove the bloatware before using the phone.

Clear the system app and cache

If you are installing the third party application, your Android phone will store the temporary files on your phone. If such storage space exceeds the standard of limit, then your phone will completely ruin your phone. Since you will have to clear your stored apps and cache as well.

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 Install the much-needed applications

It is quite easy to install the applications on your Android phone, but it doesn’t mean we have to install the each and every app in your phone. Such application will consume a lot of space and RAM in your phone. Apps are playing a vital role in reducing the battery life. Thus, make sure that you are installing the much-needed application in your Android phone. With this way, you can uninstall the unwanted application from your phone.

Remove the unessential widgets

Most of the people prefer to use widgets in the Android device. However, you have to conceal the fact that, your widgets are slowing down your Android speed. As such widgets occupy a lot of space of Random Access Memory that is responsible for your Android phone performance.