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How to Remove Android Viruses Completely?

Android gadgets have become quite popular these days. And if you believe that your Android phone has virus good news it is really easy to delete.  According to researchers, if you are downloading the third party applications then it means you are compromising your information with someone else. Such viruses are rare, but they exist in the most of the phone. Almost such applications exclusively installed via third party applications. The fantastic way to avoid the virus in the Android is to keep the fully secured with Google Play store. Even that, it is not always enough to keep you safe from viruses.

When Google becomes aware of such dodgy app it will automatically remove the unwanted virus from affected devices. In the January 2018, check point discovered more than 60 apps were exposing the information to the other country. However, it is true that more than seven apps on the Play store containing the virus. Such virus can enter via the application that you have manually installed in your tablet or from official websites. Want to remove the virus? You will have to install the antivirus application on your phone or table. Let’s discuss the step by step procedure and remove the unwanted virus from your phone.

How to remove Android virus?

Such virus comes from the third party application; to remove the virus in Android then you should put your device in safe mode. If essential then you should remove its status of the administrator status and then uninstall the unwanted applications from your phone. In this article we will discuss the step by step guide on how to remove the malware on your phone or tablet.

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Important step by step guide

It is worth to pointing out that your Android phone or tablet has virus. Your Android application is infected and you need to download the application or your gadget is misbehaving with you. If you are ensure that your phone has virus then read the tutorial and grab how to remove it. The best way to avoid the application you shouldn’t install the application outside of the Google play store.

It is completely true that Gunpoder virus that is getting so much hype after Palo Alto Networks discovered that it can destroy your phone.

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Boot Android in safe mode

The first thing you need to do is to put your Android device in the safe mode. Main reason is that when the safe mode stops, third party application will automatically access your device with virus. Thus, it will make it easier for you to spot it and remove the virus from phone. If you want to restart the device in safe mode then you have to press the power button of your tablet PC.

Locate the virus

After starting the gadget in the safe mode, then you should find the virus. For all goals you should go to settings menu and open the application menu and tap downloaded apps section.