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Square Enix Press Conference To Announce Marvel’s Avengers Game: E3 2019

Marvel's Avengers Game: E3 2019

New Avengers game from Square Enix is one of the ultimate The Avengers Project. With the recent release of the Infinity war and End Game, many number of people have been highly anticipated on playing their favorite characters on the video game.  Marvel’s Avengers would soon be revealed within 2 weeks time in the Square Enix’s E3 2019 press conference which is to be held on  June 10 at 6 PM PT.

According to a recent Tweet that stated that game could be called “Marvel’s Avengers.” The source does not share any kind of details about the game for the audience. Only the worldwide reveal date has been announced officially so that other details information would be listed soon.

Square Enix also remained with the close conversation about the game. Every information would be announced on June 10 officially by the team. In fact, many numbers of Avengers movie lovers have been highly anticipated about the game. Square Enix is about to surprise more with mega features.

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Resource states that this is the separate game from Iron Man VR for the PS4 but Iron Man would also be a part of the character in this game. It also remained as the stature with the earlier teaser will be announced.

In January 2017 The Avengers Project has been initially announced alongside with the Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics as well as Deus Ex studio Eidos Montreal both included in the game developments. Announcement of the game mainly provided with only less amount of details that also remained as unchanged. Even though, the announcements mainly lay foundations on narrative aspects.

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the original teaser has been released lately in which the voice mainly is narrated saying “They say the time of heroes is over. The quotes become quite famous and Avengers quotes are quite adorable in the game teaser.

In the poster, Iron Man’s hand, Thor’s hammer, and Captain America’s shield have been shown but all of them were damaged in battles. The game also has a tagline called “reassemble” that suggesting Avengers have gone into different places but they would be reunited for saving the world from evil.

press release from Square Enix also has stated that The Avengers project has been mainly designed for the gamers across the world and it mainly been packed with other characters, iconic moments and environments. All these have thrilled more years of fans and this franchise mainly enabled higher anticipation with the release of the movies. This game features the unique story that mainly introduces the Universe gamers for playing in the years to come. Scot Amos stated about adding the fun-filled experience from best in class studio talent.

After completion of a year upon the announcement of the game details, Crystal Dynamics mainly have provided with the update for the developments and they have much noticed with which the team is about taking the project alongside with ex-Naughty Dog as well as Visceral Games developers.

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Crystal Dynamics co-head Scot Amos stated that he is committed to delivering the biggest and incredible Avengers experience for the gamers.