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The E3 2020 event will not be successful if you don’t visit the GameSpot station

A lot of announcements is been made in the recent gaming events and most of them made the headlines. The year hasn’t ended yet and there are more shocking gaming news coming as there are more events going to take place.

The E3 2019 gaming event is pretty near and tons of new announcements will be made by the developers and Google Stadia on this event.

As the event will go on as per its schedule, there will be the GameSpot team ready to give the viewers the best coverage of the event. The GameSpot base station is located in Los Angeles Chick Hearn Court, between the Staples Center and Microsoft Theater.

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If you are in LA between June 11 to June 13 then you must visit the base station of GameSpot. The base station will be open for all ages, you don’t need to spend money to enter and you can enjoy the non-stop live gameplay all for free. There will be celebrity guest’s gameplay session’s and live podcasts.

The event timing is 3 pm to 8 pm. So make sure to stop by the station at least once.