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West Indies Destroys Pakistan To Win Their First Match In World Cup

West Indies Destroys Pakistan To Win

West Indies made a quick 7 wicket win against Pakistan in World Cup 2019 as Oshane Thomas starred ball and Chris Gayle has topped the score with the fastest fifty.

The opening match against Pakistan makes the WI enter the World cup with a victory smile. West Indies has won this match by 7 wickets at the Trent Bridge. Thomas was quite the picked bowler from all others and he scored 4/27 and the skipper Jason Holder has scored (3/42) while Andre Russell (2/4). He has also been backed with the high extensive commendable efforts to win the match against Pakistan. He has bowled paltry 105 even in just about 21.4 overs.

Babar Azam and Fakhar Zaman mainly attained the score of 22 each and they could not stop the west indies bowlers. West Indies was only about 13.4 overs for reaching their score but Pakistan during the match has lost the game and it is considered as an 11th ODI defeat in a row which is also considered the longest losing streak in a row.

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As stumps were a mess and the splattered all over the floor, It was about 20 past 12 that the world cup has been defined with the high end hitting streak. Even the last pair of Pakistan has tripped off and they have only achieved on 105 with losing the match.

Even before the world cup, each of the bowers is warned that they need to handle the match with extra care. But West Indies pace quartet mainly eviscerated Pakistan with taking advantages of each of extra movement that is specially provided from 10:30 am with delivering the hard short balls that the opponents could not even handle.

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Of course, there is also a little fortune for the wickets and especially the first one as has strangled down on the ball while the WI bowlers made their effort to get his wicket in the match. They even recognized about the pace as well as bounce could definitely upend each of norms in recent ODI cricket matches.

Return of the Andre Russell mainly has established with the powering and made him the most remarkable one with gaining the T20 hitting. He also mainly delivered the short balls on the first 16 deliveries that mainly includes the 2 of which Haris Sohail and Fakhar Zaman were also could not be able to evade.

3 overs of Russell mainly have shortened with a minor injury even on the lower leg that also changed the entire feel of match. It also has felt more like that of Test matches that have been played in the 1980s when compared to that of the modern ODI.

In fact, West Indies also defeated England in St Lucia for about 113 runs about 2 months ago and this victor mainly proved that the WI is capable of entering the World Cup with a great victory.

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In fact, template for destruction was also quite similar and it has mainly enabled with the cocktail aspects relentlessly made with the short ball that has been interspersed with any numbers of your bowing.

Oshane Thomas also has 5-21 as the previous score and it made him quite proud with taking 5 wickets for just 21 runs.