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Top 5 WordPress themes available for free in 2020

Top 5 WordPress themes

WordPress is the highly preferred tool used to develop a customizable website for your business. The good thing about this platform is that it now supports over sixty million websites. It is also available free of charge. It offers lots of free instructions and advice on developing your business website. You can utilize them when you lack the designing skills. If you want to simplify the WordPress development process, you can look for the designers who are experts in creating the WordPress themes for free. You can utilize them for offering an attractive, smart and professional look to your website. Using an effective and suitable theme is important because it plays a major role in increasing the ranking of your website in leading search engines. This post shares you the list of top 5 WordPress themes for 2019.

  1. org Theme Directory
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Are you looking for the best destination to get access to official WordPress themes? is the right choice for your needs. The Theme Directory is the right place that allows you to straight access to the WordPress dashboard. It comes with a volunteer review team for themes who can review as well as approve every submission. It is wonderful news for everyone that there are totally 4,486 themes available, so you can pick the right one based on your individual needs and requirements. There is a Feature Filter option available that let people mention what type of subject, functionality or layout they are seeking for in the themes.

  1. JustFreeThemes
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It is the right platform where you can find out well-designed and lightweight themes for your website.  It has more than 1178 WordPress themes that are rated out of about ten for support, customization, design, speed and code quality. The main reason to use these themes is that they bring better visibility to your website online. You can find for the themes in a search box which is available in the top right.

  1. aThemes

If you look for an ideal destination to find out paid and free themes, you can visit eThemes.  It is the best platform creates as well as collects lots of effective WordPress themes. They are lots of themes available that spread across various sectors. It includes portfolio websites, blog, e-commerce, business, and magazine. The themes are appearing in the category listings.  Every theme also has its individual dedicated page in that functions and features are explained and described. You can utilize the demo version before choosing any theme.

  1. ThemeGrade
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There are roughly about 1,628 themes available on this website. Most significantly, they are free to use. It also includes 926 paid WordPress themes which are ranked Bronze, Gold or Silver by the reviewer team.

  1. FabThemes

It is the best platform where you can find out many well-designed WordPress themes which is available for free. The platform only offers themes which are well made technically. The team keeps the themes transparent and clean.  It helps you to use the themes with more confidence.