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Everything about the top 3 colocation providers 2019

top 3 colocation providers 2019

Most of the individuals do not have enough amounts for buying their individual server hardware at the starting stage. Renting the IT infrastructure and hardware is a perfect choice for everyone who looks for a cost-effective alternative. If you want to acquire the complete benefits of these rending facilities, you can get the best possible collocation services. It is the right place which offers cabinets and racks for lease. They are the most significant facilities that enable individuals to set up their individual server hardware. It is because server hardware can be considered as a vital portion of almost every kind of data center. There are lots of collocation service providers available now, so you can carefully choose the best platform. If the business comes with the mission-critical requirements, you can reduce the latency. Along with this, you may require looking for hosting on the right place for a better connection. If you want to know about the best colocation providers, you can look at the following list.

  1. Equinix
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It includes the world’s biggest distribution with more than two hundred data centers located in the United States. There are many other distributions available across twenty-four nations in five continents. Also, it offers more than 1,800 network connections as well as the industry-leading uptime of more than 99.9999%.

Equinix has more. The users can easily configure as well as support their deployments based on their power requirements in age, a suite of the major server cabinet options.   You can also collocate in the pods which appear as the dedicated rooms.  Many options are available for mitigating the risks for the financial service firms and many virtualization opportunities.

  1. Tierpoint
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It is another most popular provider includes more than forty data centers throughout the United States.  The vital point for beating in the mind here is that they tend to be in the eastern states that mean in different terms of better connectivity they are optimized ideally for European and US operations, but latency problems are the big concerns if associating with Asia.

There are lots of options available for collocating, so you can pick the right one.  One nice feature is the business continuity working environment. Hence if you experience recovery or major task, you can easily plug yourself into the private environment. You can do it while you strive for getting everything fully sorted out.

Tierpoint provides many options which mean it is simple for supporting and accommodating your needs. It is the key player so you are able to deliver and keep your eye on the desired and suitable location.

  1. Data Foundry
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It is the biggest player located in Texas. The good thing about this company is that it includes a handful of reliable data centers throughout Houston and Austin. While it makes the firm look as restricted geographically, Texas has fully proven to be a very powerful center point for the data operations available in America.

A specific selling point the company advertises is that actually not only includes the company custom-built its effective data centers itself but that every technician is company employees instead of contractors. It means that you should look for expertise that you require being onsite.