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Famous Sport Among The People That Have Been Expanded Worldwide

Famous Sport

Football is a major game that is becoming popular before cricket. Even though this game is not played or watched mostly by the people in India. This became the popular game among the people around the worldwide. The huge fan base for this game is the added advantage for it. This is the game that is played by kicking the round shaped ball with the legs and heads. This is the sport that was originated in the United States. This moreover like the rugby game but the ball is kicked in this game.

International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) is the main association that governs football sports and takes the necessary steps to make it reach all over the world. This is the game that can be played by both the men and the women. The men ‘s game has a huge fan base this is because of active and attractive players.

Why football is a favorite among people?

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Football is the game where the team contains the 11 players. The match between the two teams will be held for 90 minutes. The first and second halves contain 45 minutes with the extra time. The players should not use the hand while playing while the goalkeeper is allowed to use the hand. The teams have to score the goal on the opposite side of the goal post. Those who score more goals win the match. Therefore the people around the world become more addicted to the game because just the ball is enough for them to play. The game’s simple rules make the people play it worldwide. Also, media influence is one of the reasons for people to watch and play the game around the world.

In the football-addicted countries, the children and the adults used to play football in the streets, playgrounds, parks, etc. The people love to watch this game and it will be more interesting from the starting to the end. Another reason for the popularity of the game is that the people cannot predict the winning side in the first half itself. This is because everything will be on the luck so who knows the luck favours to whom.

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Football world cup

Football is the first sport in the world that has introduced the world cup worldwide. This is played by more than 25 countries around the world. The first FIFA world cup that held on the ’30s was won by Uruguay. Thus this sport has been played by many countries from then. There are 21 world cup tournaments has been held till now in that only eight national teams have won the cup that is Brazil, Germany, Uruguay, etc. Brazil is the only team that has won the world cup five times. This is the biggest achievement for the team. Germany and Italy have won the four times each.

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Thus football is the game where the players are not able to take rest in the middle of the game. So the tired players are substituted with the new players in the middle of the game which has increased the interest of watching the game among the people.