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What is a modded APK?
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Some people can also ask What does MOD APK means?
Well, this is a Modified (Mod) version of the original app for APK (Android Package) that have extra features as unlimited coins, unlimited lives, remove or unlock features, unlimited resources, new features or any other desired modifications.
Because it was not made by the app original developers, there is no support for
modded APK by the original developers.
Be aware that some sources may contains malware or viruses, thus you need to select a reliable source such as
Flarefiles where you can find many APK MODs for popular Android Games.

Is a MOD APK safe?

This a know issue with APK MOD, the source can be dubious and embed some kind of virus or malware on the modded version it can also ask for permissions to connect with your phone camera, audio or even read messages.
Best is to check the source and download mods only from a trusty source.

How do I use a MOD APK?

These are the steps to use and install Mod Apk for android games.
1. Download the APK MOD file to your Android device.
2. In your mobile device menu, select:
Settings –>
Security (Applications) –>
Allow Apps from Unknown Sources (should be on)
3. Install the Modded Apk file and Play.

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Sometimes it’s more convenient to move the Apk Mod file to the location:
(you can Use app as Es File Manager for such action)

Which is the best site to download an APK mod?

Flarefiles is a genuine website where you can get what you need.
The most important thing is not to download APK mod that can harm your android device or sabotage with your privacy.

Is a mod APK version different from its original version?
Moded android

The mod Apk is slightly different because it provides some other free or unlimited features as live,money,resources, etc…
But on the other hand, all other game elements and functionality that were in the original game are kept.
Therefore you enjoy both worlds by using the MOD APk version.

Is playing a mod APK illegal?

google play

When it comes to download APK, you should go first to Google playstore and get the original app from there.
This is what we recommend for all of our users and it comply with the policies of google play.
The Mod is apply on the original version without modifying it so it’s all legal because many people can even download cracked apka from Google and use it for free.
Please fell free and safe when using our MOD APk.

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Can using mod APK of system app cause problem?

If you select carefully the source there should be no problem when using a mod.
Our programmers staff works to create the best Mod for you, the final software is
APK mod that runs smoothly on your android phone OS and doesn’t cause any problems.
A good Mod shouldn’t cause any problem to the system app or to the original app.

Can modded APK be updated?

If the creators of the Modded APK decide to update it, then yes.
Usually the mod is not changed unless a new feature is required, a bug was detected or a change in the original package was made.
At Flarefiles we update the Mod frequently according to the changes that was made in the original app so when you download it, this is the most updated app.

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Can I play mod apks on non rooted Android?

The simple answer is yes, you don’t need a rooted android for playing a mod.
Most apps can be without a root, but still there can be a few apps that may require a root access. But most of the time this is not an issue at all.