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How to Use iPhone as Webcam?

In the past, most of the people prefer to use a webcam for video calls and business calls via Skype. But things have been changed completely; it is possible to use the gadgets as a webcam. Here we are talking about the iPhone that can convert as a webcam with such simple steps. Track multiple things from your IOS device and enable the webcam feature in your phone. However, away from home and missing your parents, friends, and family? You can talk to your parents and track your lovely pet using a webcam.

Well, here we are not suggesting you to buy an expensive webcam. All we are saying you to use a webcam with such top class applications. You should track the alternative live videos and audio feeds as well. Easily you should adjust the resolution of the video and enjoy the fantastic experience ever. Even always gets alerts for the face detection and audio as well. Let’s discuss the best applications and ways to convert the iPhone into a webcam in the fraction of seconds.


If you want to stream multiple live videos with your friends and family member, then you should install such application. It is one of the most popular and fantastic applications that comes with special features of recording and playing back the events. However, you can also receive the notifications whenever icam detects anything like receive the video call on the phone.

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To use such application, you will have to download the application from the official site or buy its mobile app. you can grab the fantastic quality of the camera that is quite an important aspect to consider.

IP cam

There are a lot of applications out there in which IP cam is one of them. It will enable you to capture everything that you want. Well, you can capture the videos and pictures through WI-FI on your phone quickly. It is possible that record the videos while using such applications. The best thing about such an application, it is compatible with MJPEG streaming as well. You can also find the additional options to reduce or increase the brightness, contrast, and saturation as well. Thus, recording will goes smother.


AIR cam live video

If you want to view the video from your computer, then such application would be for you. Air cam will enable you to go live with your friends without facing any complications. However, you can also set up your webcam in the office and remotely monitor the people and their activity as well. If you are facing any complications then you should read the steps from the official site.

You can grab the other option to set up your motion detection to automatically trigger the video recording functions. Moreover, it will enable you to control the volume options, frame rate right from your iPhone. Before downloading the application, you should check their ratings, reviews and compatible as well. It will turn your phone into a webcam in the fraction of seconds.