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Why Should Everyone Excited For Robert Pattinson To Play ‘The Batman’


Batman is one of the most loved superheroes by all, right? Still, there were nearly 9 actors have played the role of Batman greatly. Each one has done their job perfectly. But, the next part of Batman is releasing in the year 2021, June. But, when it comes to selecting the actor for the role of Batman is quite difficult, right? However, the news conveys that Harry Potter actor “Robert Pattinson” may be the next Batman. And also, states that he is going to play the role with the name of Caped Crusader. Moreover, the film is going to be directed by Matt Reeves. Do you know who is he? Yes, he is the director of the movie of Planet of the Apes.

However, Deadline conveys that the deal is not yet fixed. It is optional only. Anyhow, they tell that the X-Men actor, Nicholas Hoult could be the next Batman.  And also, Warner Bros likes both the men. But, when it comes to the top choice, Pattinson will be at the top position.

Oh my god…! The Hollywood Reporter is also having something to say to the audience. Just guess…! What will be? Can’t wait, right? Surprisingly, Armie Hammer and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, both of them were highly recommended for the Batman next film. Of course, it is also not a fixed one. But, Pattinson or Hoult will be the next Batman. Hence, if Pattinson gets a chance to play the role of Batman, then he could be the youngest actor to play the role of Batman ever. Yes, previously, Christian Bale has played the Batman role at the age of 31. Unfortunately, while starring in Batman Begins, it is not sure that he was surprisingly at 31. The others who have played the role of Batman as before is, George Clooney, Val Kilmer, and Michael Keaton, plus many more.

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Moreover, Warner Bros is still writing the concepts in order to overcome the failure of Batman vs Superman and Justice League. This is the words from Variety.  But, the other sources are continuously conveying that Robert Pattinson could be a part of next Batman with Warner Bros. And also he is going to act in Christopher Nolan’s movie, not yet announce the title. May be, you can expect the movie in the year of 2020, July.

Unexpectedly, Affleck is the man who is the hero of Oscars Award Winner for Good Will Hunting and Argo. He is also set to appear in the next Batman film and he is going to write, star and even direct the movie. But, he refuses the news and dropped out for some reasons. Whatever it may be, but the film of Batman has to come up with a good script. If so, then it grabs the attention of the audience to the maximum. And also, if Robert Pattinson plays the role of Batman, then it will be great news for the girls those who are crazy about him. so, just have your eyes and ears on the news channel and get to more interesting news about the same.